Ecosystem for TON Sites and Storage

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Products we are building
Search engine for TON Sites and Dapps, TON ads, Firefox and Chrome gateways to open TON websites
Domains for TON ecosystem, TON Sites templates, proxy services
Protocol for a decentralized data storage on TON blockchain (based on TON Storage)
Communication service
Similar to ethermail with data stored in Nonstorage.ton, with mail for the outside world, and inside with a support of the communication protocol between wallets, which is in the TON Foundation Roadmap roadmap

  • Release Agorata Q1 2024
  • Metadata standard, basic browsing and indexing in the search for storage bags, constructor and templates for TON Sites Q2 2024
  • Communication service Q3 2024
  • Multi-chain user payments Q4 2024
  • TON.SKI Proxy Q2 2024
  • TON.SKI products affiliate system Q4 2024

Using TON web you always get

TON Sites are websites hosted on The Open Network. They combine all the powers of normal websites with the benefits of decentralized WEB.

Unrivalled Decentralization

Explore TON Sites' fully decentralized network that champions democratic data control and autonomy.

Seamless Synergy

TON Sites are integrated with TON Blockchain, adding seamless authorization, transparency, and much more.

Fortified Privacy

TON Sites guarantee top-tier encryption and automatic authenticity verification, ensuring your the sites are untraceable and immune to censorship and attacks.

Domain Autonomy

With TON Sites and decentralized TON DNS, enjoy complete control over your domain, free from traditional domain name registries.

Dynamic Domains

Experience the flexibility of NFT-backed domains and subdomains, fostering unique ownership models: from individuals to DAOs and smart contracts.

Immutable Content

TON Sites, when hosted on TON Storage, assure static, tamper-proof content—ideal for open-source DApp code—enhancing transparency and preventing fraud.

NON is the blood of the TON.SKI ecosystem

$NON is a jetton used to:

  • Buy and sell storage in Nonstorage
  • Buy domains in Agorata
  • Reward content creators
  • Get access to the services which are yet to come, like VPN

We offer you a turnkey solution

The TON.SKI ecosystem will accompany you on every step of your TON Web journey: from accessing and discovering TON Sites to storing files on the network and creating your own sites.


Use our gateway or extensions to connect to the world of TON Sites and Storage.


Use TON.SKI search to explore the content of the TON Web: sites and storage bags


Use Agorata to create a TON Site or get your TON domain name which will be your nickname in TON

Store and find files

Use Nonstorage to store files on a decentralized network - cheap, transparent, unstoppable